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Lanolin Benefits

"Yesterday's Secret - Tomorrow's Miracle"

The skin softening properties of Lanolin have been known for centuries. Shearers and wool workers in many countries, especially those in New Zealand, are well known for having soft and supple hands that retain their youthful look due to contact with Lanolin-rich sheep's wool.

Lanolin is a highly refined oil derived from wool grease which is scoured (washed) from natural sheep's wool. Only the finest grade of Lanolin is used in the manufacture of Lanocrème and it contains less than 3 parts per million of all impurities. Lanolin is one of the most tested of all cosmetic ingredients. It is reported that "Lanolin and related Lanolin materials are safe for topical applications to humans" (USA Cosmetic Ingredient Review safety assessment panel).

Lanocrème - Ecologically Sound:

At no stage in the production of Lanolin is any animal harmed.
Animals are not used at any stage for testing any Lanocrème product.
Lanolin is recovered from the wool which is shorn from sheep every year.

Merino Sheep; A fine example of a totally renewable resource.

Ecologically Sound

10 Facts About Lanolin

1. Origin

Sheep's wool is a natural fibre and has many valuable commercial uses. Sheep are shorn every year. Cleaning or 'scouring' of the wool is the process of washing the natural grease from the wool. Natural wool grease protects the sheep from the harsh elements and extreme weather conditions. The raw wool grease is then refined into many different grades of Lanolin.
The Lanolin used in Lanocrème is of the highest standard and contains less than three parts per million of all impurities.

2. Absence of Cruelty

Lanolin is obtained from the wool of the sheep which is a renewable resource. There is neither animal testing nor cruelty to the sheep.

3. Composition
Lanolin is obtained from wool grease through the process of refining. Pure Lanolin used in the manufacture of Lanocrème contains less than three parts per million of all impurities. It is a unique and complex amalgam of natural waxes. Lanolin is not, and can not be, obtained from the body fat of the sheep.

4. Pesticides

Refined Lanolin is pesticide free. Any parasitic control agent applied to the sheep to prevent distress or suffering of the animals is completely removed by the process of modern refining. Lanolin used in the production of Lanocrème is guaranteed to be pesticide free. Refined Lanolin is considered more pure than most foods we consume.

5. Safety

Lanolin is entirely safe and probably the most tested of all cosmetic ingredients. It is included in all medical pharmacopoeias and the EEC Cosmetics Directive Second Amendment allowing Lanolin to be used in cosmetics without restriction. Lanolin has been used safely in Cosmetics for over a hundred years.

6. Environment Friendly

Lanolin is completely organic and of natural origin. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and fully bio-degradable. It is environmentally friendly and a renewable resource.

7. Alergenicity

Lanolin is not a significant allergen. As the incidence of allergies is less than approximately 6 per million then lanolin is less of an allergen than fish, eggs, strawberries, etc. Super-refined lanolin is available recording even lower incidence of allergies which is ideal for the use in hypoallergenic cosmetics such as Lanocrème.

8. Positive Action on the Skin

Lanolin has an unequalled moisturizing and emollient action on the human skin, which it protects in the same way as the grease on the sheep's wool protects it from the ravages of severe weather and climatic conditions. Its ability to moisturize the skin is related to its water binding capacity. The benefical properties of Lanolin have been known and utilized since the time of the ancient Greeks. Lanolin is absorbed by the stratum corneum where it reduces excessive moisture loss, thereby restoring softness and elasticity, especially to dry or chapped skin. Shepherds and industrial workers who are in constant contact with wool are renowned for the softness of their hands.

9. Hair Growth

Myth - Lanolin does not cause hair to grow, either on the face or elsewhere. If it were a hair growth stimulant, demand would outstrip supply.

10. Quality Control

Modern refineries produce Lanolin of the highest standard. The quality of production is controlled by laboratories using sophisticated analytical techniques to meet and exceed worldwide specifications. The Lanolin used in the manufacture of Lanolin is of the highest standard and contains less than three parts per million of all impurities.

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