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Nourish Your Skin with Placenta Cream

Skin care naturally - with placenta cream

Ovine placental protein, otherwise known as living cell therapy, is a rich source of skin nutrients which replenishes your skin, promoting natural suppleness, elasticity and tone. This superior placental protein is exclusively sourced and extracted for Lanocorp Pacific Ltd, from sheep that have grazed in the beautiful, clean environment of New Zealand.

Our living cell therapy, containing 56 identified bio-stimulants:

  • provides a rich source of skin nutrients to revitalize and moisturize, reducing wrinkles and preventing moisture loss
  • is readily absorbed with deep penetration into the skin
  • is of benefit to even the most sensitive skin
  • promotes natural cell renewal and helps the skin recover resilience and tone
  • helps protect the skin from sunshine and repairs sun damaged and wrinkled skin

Our placenta skin care range or living cell therapy products are delicate, highly concentrated formulations and the range includes a variety of products specifically designed to meet different skin care requirements.

Browse through our placenta/ living cell therapy products today to find the products to suit your skin. Then simply place your order online.

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Placenta Range

Lanocrème Placenta products contain Lanolin and ovine placental extract, a rich source of skin nutrients that revitalize and nourish your skin as well as improving elasticity.

Ovine placental extract is a unique source of bio-stimulants which are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply into the skin. These rich nutrients promote cell renewal, improve elasticity and nourish your skin so it looks smooth and glows with good health.

Lanocrème Placenta Products are delicate, highly concentrated formulations which help to prevent lines from forming on the face and neck; restoring smoothness around the eyes, leaving them bright and attractive.


Placenta Skin Care Range

Placenta Body Lotion
Lanocrème Body Lotion plus Placental Protein - 120ml / 4floz
Lanocrème Body Lotion plus Ovine Placental Protein is a nourishing skin care body lotion.

A superb formulation containing vitamin E and aloe vera, providing reinforced protection to inhibit extern...
More info US$13.75
Placenta Cream
Lanocrème Cream plus Placental Protein - 75g
Lanocrème Placenta Cream contains lamb placental extract which is a rich source of skin nutrients and bio-stimulants, to revitalise and moisturise your skin. Lanocrème Placenta Cream improves elastici...
More info US$13.75

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