The collection process


The Muster

Around Springtime every year in New Zealand, farmers muster their sheep from the surrounding paddocks, hills and mountains, droving them to the local woolshed for shearing. Shearing - the process of removing the wool with clippers, is a skilled craft which is expertly done without hurting or harming the sheep. 


The Shear

Once shearing is complete, the sheep are returned to their paddocks to graze, enjoying a much lighter coat for the warmer weather and ready to grow more fine quality wool for the next winter.


Return to Paddock

The wool from the sheep is collected by a wool handler, with the lower grades of the fleece removed. The sheep are then happily returned to graze in the paddock, with a sharp new haircut. Lanolin is removed by washing the wool using a special technique to separate the pure Lanolin oil.